Hey, I'm Michael.

Part of me lives somewhere in the outdoors – always has, always will. Nothing I can do about it. I feel whole when I’m breathing in the scent of the forest pines. When I’m lacing my boots damp with dew in the faint morning light. When I grip the cold rock on the first hold of a route. When my legs and breath are in rhythm with one another on a meandering singletrack. That’s when I’m whole. That’s when I feel alive. That’s when the world makes sense to me.

Several years ago, I began photographing these moments and never looked back. I’ve accepted the extra 10-15 pounds in my pack for camera gear as my burden to bear. I’ve found I’m at my best when my creativity intersects these moments, and I seek like-minded people to share in those endeavors.

I tell stories with stills and films for magazines, print media, and digital platforms. My work reflects my experience in the outdoor community as a runner, triathlete, climber, and trail junkie. I thrive with a plan, roll with the punches, and go the extra mile whether on the trail or in the field. Design school taught me to iterate, collaborate, and refine. Experience taught me the rest.

I believe a good story has the power to change how people view the world, and I believe it’s my job to tell it.

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